SEIKO showcases World’s First Active Matrix E-Ink Watch »

SEIKO develops the world’s first active matrix e-ink watch, the “Active Matrix EPD” which uses e-reader technology to display time. The watch features a high-resolution 300dpi display with a total of 72,000 pixels into a 2 x 3cm screen. The timepiece also gives the wearer a somewhat wide angle view to read small numbers at odd angles.

The EPD watch has five different styles for displaying time, all of which are custom developed by SEIKO powered by a self-recharging solar battery. The hi-tech electronics in the timepiece lets it function for up to nine months without additional exposure to light.

The timepiece is also radio controlled (it receives time signals from the world’s atomic clocks) and are accurate to to 10^-13 seconds a day or one second in every 30 million years.

SEIKO plans to roll out the new EPD watch in three different models: stainless steel, stainless steel with gold-tone hard coating and with black hard coating. No pricing have been revealed yet, but its expected to cost around $1,200 in Japan.

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VLC Player coming to the iPad. Will be FREE »

The free VLC iPad app is a port of the famous VLC media player and is right now in the AppStore review process. Once the app goes live, we’ll be able to view, hear and stream content in a wide variety of formats using a player that is familiar to all.


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What happened to the 90-second iTunes song previews? This! »

It is things like this that give us a peek into the complex inner workings of the clunky machine that is the music industry. Last week, in the run-up to Apple’s music event, the web was abuzz with rumors of iTunes song sample length being tripled from 30 seconds to a generous 90 seconds. Turns out not only was Apple thinking about doing that but they even got The Big Four, Universal, Sony, Warner and EMI, on-board. But it turns out that wasn’t enough as the bigwigs at the National Music Publishers Association, the largest trade trade group representing music publishers, informed Apple that it couldn’t offer extended samples until reaching an agreement with them. 

“We are in active negotiations with Apple,” about the length of song samples, said Hanna Pantle, a spokeswoman for Broadcast Music Inc.(BMI) one of the performing-rights organizations that collects royalties on behalf of songwriters and music publishers. 

It is surprising how many nasty surprises the music industry holds.

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2 years after selling 1 Billion mice, Logitech sells 100 Million wireless mice »

Logitech made it’s first wireless RF mice in 1991 costing $150 while today you can get one for $25. It took them 19 years to reach the ‘100 million wireless mice sold’ milestone, nearly 2 years after reaching the ‘1 billion mice sold’ milestone in Dec, 2008. The latest wireless mice from Logitech have Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz WiFi and DarkField tracking technology.

“Logitech mice have played an integral role in improving the computing experience for millions of people, and our wireless mice build on that heritage.” said Rory Dooley, Logitech senior vice president and general manager of the Control Devices business unit. “Today, our wireless mice deliver a robust feature set combined with unparalleled ease of use and precision. And the new mice we offer in a variety of colors and patterns provide consumers with an element of self expression while they use their laptop and mouse to seamlessly navigate their favorite content.”

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iOS updated to 4.1 and iMovie updated to 1.1 [Downloads] »

The latest iOS update fixes the proximity sensor bug while also adding new features like HDR photos, and Game Center updates. This update is not applicable for iPads. iOS 4.2 is slated for release in November and will bring all iOS devices upto the same iOS version.

via Gadget Lab

iMovie iOS app has also been updated with the following new features:

  • Compatible with iPod touch (4th generation).
  • Ability to split video clips.
  • Automatic music looping when video extends beyond music track.
  • Scrub to preview clips in Video Browser.
  • In-app Tips page that illustrates how to use key features.
  • Updated Photos Browser with newest images at top.
  • Mute badge to indicate video clips with audio disabled.
  • Additional performance and reliability improvements.

Fire up your iTunes to get the updates.

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Time-lapse footage of Earth from Space (Day to Night) »

One can watch the northern lights glowing in the upper atmosphere and the illuminated cities zoom past, in this Time-lapse footage taken by Oregon State University alum Don Pettit during his time on the International Space Station. 

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Google TV set to launch this Fall »

Less than a week after Apple brought out the new Apple TV, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google has announced the launch of Google TV this fall in the US and the following year, throughout the world. “We will work with content providers but it is very unlikely that we will get into actual content production,” Schmidt told journalists after a keynote speech to the IFA consumer electronics trade fair in Berlin.”


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