The INTIMIDATOR – 125-piece Metal Puzzle is actually a muzzle loading pistol! »

This Metal Puzzle, called The INTIMIDATOR, made with pieces fashioned from 6 different metals Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Magnesium and Steel hides a big secret – solve the puzzle and you’ll be left with a fully functional pistol.

The INTIMIDATOR breaks down into over 125 separate pieces including objects like cap screws, springs, threaded parts, cylinders, hex bits and numerous circular borings. 

While the assembly and dis-assembly of these 125 pieces is a daunting task by itself, hidden among these are some special bits that can be re-arranged to form what is responsible for giving the INTIMIDATOR its name – a single shot 45 caliber muzzle loading pistol.

Besides the pistol, the puzzle also houses customized set of tools, 45 caliber bullets, a standard sight, a laser sight, a cannister containing black powder pellets, a secure storage area for 209 shotgun primers, a spent primer removal tool and a ramrod for loading the bullets. To discourage unauthorized access, the puzzle requires a special key to begin disassembly.

The INTIMIDATOR is the work of GarE Maxton.


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