Take an endless Virtual Tour of your dreamland with CyberWalk

The field of Virtual Reality has been limited in the range of motions the subject can perform… straying too far away dislodges the VR equipment or subject runs into a wall or any object in the room, whichever comes first. CyberWalk is finally here to solve that problem.

The CyberWalk platform is a special platform that, by adjusting its speed and direction, keeps the user always close to the center. Built by a consortium of German, Italian, and Swiss labs, the machine currently resides at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, in Tubingen, Germany, where it’s been in operation for over two years. By precisely monitoring the position of the user on the platform using a Vicon motion-capture system, the controller computes estimates for the two variables and tries to adjust the speeds of the linear belts to keep the user close to the center — all without abrupt accelerations.

VR + CyberWalk extends the range of possibilities the subject can explore when in VR… walking through a dreamland, running through the jungle in a VR World War II game, etc. The current model supports movement only in 2 dimensions(i.e., along the floor)  so hiking a VR mountain is currently out of the question.

Here’s a video demo:


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